Aegis GeekVape legend Zeus Kit with tank actually Smok Vape Pen  GeekVape Aegis Limited Edition Legend. A strong and powerful kit! But do you know how to use? Here are some tips for your reference.


Unlock Press the fire button 5 times quickly to change the unit.

Turn Off: Press the fire button 5 times quickly to turn off the device.

Selection Mode: Press the fire button three times quickly to enter the mode selection screen.

Switching between modes: On the mode selection screen, use the + and - to switch between modes and press and hold the button to shoot 0.8s Kangvape  Disposable Vape or 5 seconds of inactivity allowed to choose.

TCR Mode: In selection mode screentoggle TC-TCR, press and hold down the fire button to enter the mode, use the + and - to adjust the value of TCR.

VPC mode: the mode switch to the VPC selection screen, press and hold the fire button to enter the VPC mode. Press the FIRE button and use the + and - to set the values ​​of P1 / P2 / P3 / P4 / P5.

Puffs and re resistance: Enter the country setting. Press the FIRE button to move the cursor or COIL BREATH. Press + to reset the BREATH or COIL value.

Lock screen: Press the + and - buttons simultaneously to lock and unlock the screen.

Display Brightness Adjustment: Press FIRE and + or - at the same time to adjust the screen bright Vape  .

Stealth Mode: Press the fire, "+" and "-" buttons simultaneously for 2 seconds to go into stealth mode. The same operation to get out of stealth mode. In Stealth Mode, you can vape or close.

to USB level: Pull the atomizer and battery, press and hold down the "+" by inserting the USB cable to the PC, and perform an upgrade on a PC using the software upgrade firmware Greekvape

12. USB charging: USB Connect to a power source for charging the battery, the battery icon will begin to animate and off when fully charged Vaporesso  Kit with SKRR.

13. Display color: In the mode selection screen, press and hold the "+" and "-" keys simultaneously for one second to switch between color screen.

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